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Mike Morrissey has punted out a niche for himself in professional surfing by being one of the best aerialists in the world. The Volcom crew first noticed Morrissey at age fourteen for his skating ability, and his brash punk-rock attitude fit V-co's Youth Against Establishment” like a glove. Around that same time snowboarding's popularity started to skyrocket- so Morrissey took his skating skills to the hills. Needless to say he started killing it on the mountain and had many speculating that he would eventually be a future two-sport pro. But that was not to be. A three-sport pro would be more like it. Having grown up on the beaches of Laguna, surfing became Morrissey's next fixation; and needless to say, that came easy for him as well. Morrissey is no one-trick pony. He can surf with the best of them and with all the time spent in the air on his other two boards, it is only natural that he push surfing's aerial envelope like a wet Chuck Yeager. A poster in Surfing Magazine featured M.M. doing something called the "Bomb Drop."” He jumped eight feet off a rock jetty only to land on a moving wave. “"Just like dropping into a half-pipe or going ramp-to-ramp,"” Mike explained. Since then Morrissey has been working on kick-flips and other crazy shit. For Mike Morrissey, the sky's the limit! Faber: Where did you get the idea for the "Bomb Drop"?” To jump off a wall: a stationary object, and onto a moving one? Mike Morrissey: I was in France for the Quik Cup contest at the time and this photographer, Timo, said that he had something that he had been wanting to try. He showed me a photo of a wave breaking off this jetty down in Spain. He explained it to me and asked if I wanted to charge it. So, I said yeah and we charged it and it worked. I ended up breaking my board after the fifth or sixth time though. Faber: How has your experience in both skate and snowboarding help you like look at waves differently? Mike Morrissey: Umm, cause I want to do more skate style tricks on waves. More airs and stuff. Faber: What other tricks have you been working on? Mike Morrissey: I want to do kick-flips. Faber: How hard is that going to be? Mike Morrissey: Pretty hard cause you're on a moving surface and then you need the right section to even try one. The shape of the board makes it hard and then there's the fins. I usually only try them when I have booties on cause it's real easy to get cut by the fins and I don't want to get cut. Faber: What else? Mike Morrissey: Just trying to surf better, to go faster and do higher air's.